Monday, 18 May 2009

Verbs sentences in past

Verb list:
To be: I was in the park last week.

To go: I went to my garanny's house on saturday.

To come: You came to my house last month.

To tell: I told a story very funny four hours ago.

To give: I gave a pencil to my friend ten hours ago.

To do: I did exercices whith my dad last friday.

To make: He made a book with hero's and vilains.

To buy: She bougth a computer game and a CD.

To have: I had a violin in the orquestra.

To send: You sent an email at my computer last summer.

To see: You saw a dog in the park 4 days ago.

To eat: I ate pasta and hamburger one math ago.

To drink: She drank a milkshake with banana.

To wear: You wore blue jeans last year.

To read: He read a comic and a book last hollidays.

To write: You wrote a story last summer.

To get: I got a football cup last summer.

To break: You broke a painting last monday.

To find: I found a treasure 4 minutes ago.

To think: You thougth the football is very easy.

To forget: You forget my message last year.

To speak: He always spoke in English and French to her family.

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